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Murfreesboro Fence Company

Murfreesboro Fencing

We are a local Murfreesboro fencing contractor and can install any type of fence on your Murfreesboro property. We can install a new fence for your home or for your business.

Whether you are looking to rebuild your old fence, or you need a new fence installed, Middle Tennessee Fence of Murfreesboro is your trusted local fence contractor that you can depend on. We will help you choose the best style, design and fence material for your property.

As the leading Murfreesboro fencing company, we are able to offer the largest variety of fences and at the best prices in town. We can install wood fencing, aluminum fencing, fence gates (including automated electric gates), chain link fencing, privacy fencing, vinyl fencing and pool fencing.
All fencing styles have their benefits. We will work with you to help you decide what is the best type of fencing for your Murfreesboro home or business.


Wood fencing, one of the most popular fencing styles for Murfreesboro homeowners. Wood fencing can be designed to suit any taste, can be built in any style to match your landscaping, and can be stained virtually any color. Wood fencing is a very reliable fencing style and can last for many years.


Aluminum fencing is quite popular in Murfreesboro as well. It can be built on any property, whether you want it for property boundaries or for pool fencing, aluminum fencing is a great economical choice for fencing of your Murfreesboro home. Aluminum fencing is available in many styles and colors.


Chain link fencing has been used for many years by homeowners everywhere, including Murfreesboro. Today chain link fencing is available in different sizes and colors, and can be custom built on your property. Great for yards and for businesses too.


More and more home owners are opting for the automatic electric fence gates for their Murfreesboro homes. From keypads to keyless entry automated gates, we can install them on your property.


Murfreesboro has many farm areas, and farm fencing is ideal for your large, open spaces that need fencing. Whether you have a couple of acres or 100 acres, let Middle Tennessee Fence install your farm fencing for you.

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